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Do you feel called to lead and guide others to freedom?

Do you see the struggle in the lives around you, and wish you had the tools to help and make a real difference?

Go deeper within yourself to uncover what you already have, and to wake up to who you already are!

The course is 100% online – join from wherever you are in the world.

There is a real need in the world today for people who feel called to help;
to throw a lifeline to those that need it.
The need right now is greater than it’s ever been. Serving and helping others comes from a place deep within you and requires that you understand where your experience of life comes from. 

With the intimate training and mentorship program from Mindfit Coaching Academy, You can do all of this while flourishing at the same time. Get ready to go deeper within yourself to uncover what you already have, and to wake up to who you already are!

Are you ready to step up to inspired action?

The Awakening is a 10-week online program which starts with 3 days of live teaching with Head Coach Sharon Castle, followed by 8 weeks of transformational videos and worksheets. Understanding how your mind really works means you can trust the process of life and give yourself the confidence to unlock your own unique genius.
Simply click on the link below to book your spot or email dee@mindfitlifecoaching.com
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The Awakening

It’s time to wake up to your infinite potential and divine wisdom!

The Mindfit Coaching Academy is excited to announce the second 10-week course, The Awakening.

Led by Sharon Castle, this course helps you discover how you can fully step into the life that is already waiting for you; how you can let go of stress, anxiety, and worry from your life and choose to live in a state of peace and contentment

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Mindfit Coach Training Program

Who you are is exactly what the world needs. Mindfit teaches the fundamental principles of how life really works. There is nowhere to go and nothing more you need to have, to be able to live the life you truly want, right now.

Mindfit takes you on a journey of discovery and wonder as you experience the real feelings of happiness, love, contentment, and fulfilment.

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For more information about Sharon please visit our website www.sharoncastlecoaching.com
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